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    In memory of Peter Grguric: The young star who was lost to football and claimed by the sea

    “I’ll never forget the thing Peter used to do, where he’d kick the ball, juggle it with his head, shoulders, back, knees, just standing, going bang, bang, bang,” Zdenka says. “You’d walk past, go to the toilet, he’d still be there going bang, bang, bang. You’d go to the other side of the house, look through the window, he was still doing ...

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    Games Goals Glory: Eleven seasons of A-League as cause for celebration

    In 1977, my mother took me on a journey. We walked down to our little high street, with its two small supermarkets, the modest Woolworths general store, the menswear store where I bought my first footy socks, the shoe store where I made my mum buy me my first pair of Adidas sneakers (they were blue suede with yellow stripes and when ...

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    Tom Rogic is…. A found poem to the man from the fan

    Midday in sunny Glasgow on September 10, 2016. Tom Rogic strolls on to the perfectly manicured pitch at Celtic Park. The occasion is the Old Firm derby. The ground is a cauldron of noise. The referee blows his whistle to start the game. Over the course of the next hour, random people take to Twitter and attempt to describe watching Tom Rogic ...

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    Ten essential Aussie albums you should listen to before you die

    The Atlantics  Bombora  1963  (CBS) Listen when: You and Gidget are strapping your malibus to your woody. Fuck Dick Dale and Pulp Fiction. Bombora’s where it’s at.  Drunk old dude at Young & Jackson’s pub after the footy one night. They’re from the Pacific. They’re the Atlantics; and in the early 60’s they took the surf music world by storm. Their balls ...

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    Nuts! The story of the man who got rich transplanting goat testicles into men

    Penny Lane’s documentary Nuts! works best if you have no idea who John Brinkley is; in that way, one is able to experience Brinkley as much of his medical clientele and radio audience would have experienced him – as an unknown doctor initially practising out of a remote part of Kansas, fighting against the self-interested and insular medical and media establishments. For ...

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    When football’s Bad News Bears of Belize took on the Mennonites

    The Junior Coach’s prayer Lord, hear me now, for I have forever changed my stance!  No longer, Lord, will I scowl like the Devil at mothers and fathers with angry parent syndrome. No longer will I feel more righteous than thou – for I am a blasphemer. Forgive me, oh Lord. What would I know? I ain’t no parent. I could never ...

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  • Australian Rules

    The small, strange canon of Aussie Rules songs just got bigger with “Bob Chitty’s Blues”

    FOR all that Australian Rules football is played, watched, discussed, argued over and thought about, it resonates surprisingly little in the wider culture. There are some poems by Bruce Dawe. Barely a box set of films – “The Great MacArthy”, “The Club”, “Australian Rules”, one scene of “Funny People”. One great work by Sidney Nolan ( 1946’s “Footballer”), and the “Bush Footy” ...

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    How Waleed Aly tried to rope-a-dope Muhammad Ali and failed

    When we write about people, we talk about the times that shaped them and the experiences they’ve had. How else do we begin to understand these complex figures — especially those who’ve lived through eras we haven’t? Time is everything, and to give context to that time is important. The decisions and paths we take in life are governed by the social forces and ...

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    Football: The Great Deradicaliser

    Paris is no stranger to terror attacks. In recent memory we have had the awful events of the “Charlie Hebdo Shooting” and the “Paris Attacks” which included the horrendous massacre at the Bataclan. Images of these terrorist acts were broadcast live around the world and shared on social media. Instantly, we were reminded of a movement that wanted to disrupt the order ...

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    Cummeragunja: The Aboriginal football team that opened the eyes of White Australia

    In the 1930s, Sir Doug Nicholls was the solitary Indigenous player plying his trade in top flight football in Melbourne. But he did not come out of a vacuum, he was the product of a profound Australian Rules football legacy forged by the incredible exploits of a remarkable Aboriginal mission team. It is a story that should be better known by all ...

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    So you want to be a rock ‘n’ roll star: The guide to DIY music

    How’s your drive-time commute? Enjoying pushing the pedal to the metal as “Life in the Fast Lane” oozes its pus fueled mediocrity through your Clarion speakers? Still jerking off to that Chiko Roll billboard? Did you ever stop to think about the surroundings that symbolise your life? A tad mediocre? Come on man, don’t be a wanker. Dig this. Legend, joker and ...

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    Two seasons of Melbourne City: Still a pupa, but not as poop

    When Melbourne City made their debut in October 2014 I took the David Attenborough route and described them as Melbourne Pupa FC. For those of you who didn’t read the article or need a biological refresher – a pupa is the stage of an insect’s life when it undergoes the transformation from larva to imago. For example, when a caterpillar (larva) turns ...

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    A Pissant Fairytale: How a City of Chokers became a City of Champions

    Prologue With a population of just 1.7m – nearly a million fewer residents than the next (4th) most populous Australian state, Western Australia (2.6m), it probably isn’t too surprising that South Australia struggles to make an impact economically. South Australia is growing at a far slower rate than its bigger siblings, and it suffers significant losses to interstate migration annually – from July ...

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    Who will be The Biggest Choker? Shoot Farken’s A-League Grand Final Audio Preview

    Who will become the first team to lose three A-League Grand Finals? That is the question on everybody’s lips. Choking honours will be on the line this Sunday evening as the two best footballing teams in the A-League meet at Adelaide Oval in the ultimate conflict. Who will prevail and condemn their opponent to ignominy? Guillermo Amor’s premiership winning Adelaide United or ...

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    Trout Mask Replica: Our 8 Step Guide to appreciating an “unlistenable” masterpiece

    “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”   Fyodor Dostoyevsky Deep in the semi-fashionable Woodland Hills of Los Angeles, an inconspicuously disheveled rental property once lay in ruins. Today, the house is a most unremarkable renovated relic of a bygone era. But there are ghosts. Freakish ghosts. Ghosts of a conductorial nature, shrieking a ...

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    Music for a dumbed down world: Why RATM’s Evil Empire still matters

    I don’t know what I was so ashamed of. For some reason I couldn’t spit out the words, “I… I really love Rage Against the Machine.” The dreadlocked cliche glared at me from behind the table. I thought it was with contempt, “Yeah, they’re cool. They have a good message.” The cliche caught me by surprise. For weeks all I had heard ...

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    The dad who taught his daughter how to kick a football in the last days of Yugoslavia

    My father Petar taught me a lot of things, a truth universally acknowledged by pretty much everyone in our inner circle. Before he passed away at the excruciatingly young age of 36, dad taught me – amongst other things – how to do the multiplication tables LIKE A BOSS, to always wash my face with cold water in the morn, how to ...

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    “Who do you barrack for, Tony?” A Timeless Tale of Australian Naturalisation

    Station Pier in Port Melbourne was the first point of entry for hundreds of thousands of Australian immigrants seeking a better life in the The Lucky Country. One hundred years ago, during the bad old days of the White Australia Policy, what was predominantly an Anglo-Saxon influx also incorporated the odd member of the “Dago” variety aka a person of Southern European ...

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    Soccer is small, football is big: The cultural dissonance of promotion-relegation in Australia

    AFL franchise club Greater Western Sydney won the “wooden spoon” in its inaugural season of 2012 and then again in 2013. A few years before that, in the 2008 and the 2009 seasons, the oldest AFL club, Melbourne, also finished last on the ladder for two years running. Upon joining the then VFL (now AFL) from the rival VFA competition in 1897, ...

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    The Case For and Against The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight, the eighth film by Quentin Tarantino has divided critics and movie goers alike. Here at Shoot Farken we have decided to put Tarantino on trial. We invited two of the smartest film commentators in Australia, who had very different reactions towards the The Hateful Eight, to present the case for and against the film. Presenting the case “against” is ...

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