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Support Shoot Farken, Buy a Shoot Farken T-shirt

A new design has entered the T-shirt Hall of Fame, joining iconic T-shirts designs like the “Austin 3:16”, “Choose Life” and “Vote for Pedro”.

The new Shoot Farken T-shirt has the stark classicism of Black Flag’s “four bars” design, the radical chic of the “Che Guevara” tee and a whiff of that “Happy Birthday Fucker” Faith No More T-shirt that girl you once fancied borrowed and never gave back.

Few T-shirts have evoked the same sense of awe, wonder and horny abandon as the new Shoot Farken T-shirt.

Buy the Shoot Farken T-Shirt here…available as a t-shirt, scoop neck, unisex tank top, v-neck and in a dazzling array of fashionable colours.

Sales from the T-shirts will, firstly, go to keeping the site running. Contrary to what they tell you in Google World, Google ads don’t pay shit. They pay microscopic speckles of shit dust. We’re hoping our T-shirts can help offset the basic costs that come with running the site.

Then, secondly, we’re hoping that eventually T-shirt sales will form part of an income stream that might mean we can reward our writers with something slightly more concrete than “exposure” or Twitter mentions. It’s a long-term dream, but we’d like to make it a reality.

In the meantime, we’ll keep writing because we love to do it and because there are others out there – hopefully you – who dig what we do. Capisce?

We’ll regale you with tales of the life and passion of St Ange, take you back to the days when bands like the Powder Monkeys ruled the world, talk to German football writers about obscure Aussie bands from the ‘80s, incite campaigns to sack A-League coaches using an innovative crowdfunding model, and take you inside the ski chalet of Holger Osieck’s mind.

We will continue to do all this and more, including softcore nudity and lengthy dissertations on football fan culture.

All we ask in return is that you open your mind, open your heart, open your wallet, and consider looking très chic and supa-trendy in one of our Shoot Farken T-shirts, available as a t-shirt, scoop neck, unisex tank top, v-neck and in a dazzling array of fashionable colours.

Click here now to join the Shoot Farken “in crowd”!

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