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    The Fight Georges St-Pierre Needs to Win

    This weekend, UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre faces Johny Hendricks, but his true fight might be against his reputation. Dan Steadman writes. Fight fans have always argued about who the greatest pound for pound fighter is; whether it’s boxing fans pitting Mayweather against Tyson in his prime, or even action film fans arguing if Bruce Lee was a better fighter than Jean-Claude ...

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    It’s a Melbourne Heartache: A Song for Losing

    The weather closed in during the second half. There was a football match to watch, between Melbourne Heart and Western Sydney Wanderers, but I had the awful feeling that everything happening on the pitch was somehow predestined. I averted my eyes from the brightly floodlit pitch and watched the swirls of rain above AAMI Park. Momentarily, I found the combination play between ...

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    #FarinaOut: Social Media and the Football Manager

    I could not help but smile when Frank Farina jumped on his keyboard and became a warrior last night. Fed up with the abuse he is receiving on social media, the under siege coach of Sydney FC lamented on the termites “who mostly hide behind fake names or no name – who hurl mistruths, abuse and personal insults.” The problem for Frank ...

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    From VU to Lulu: Five Lou Reed ‘Random Maniac’ Moments

    The obituaries have been written and the tributes have poured in for Lou Reed following his death on October 27 at the age of 71. One of the best was written by Byron Coley, one of the pioneering voices of rock criticism in the American underground and someone who, more than most, understands the huge influence Lou Reed, solo and with the ...

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    Uli Island Discs: Uli Hesse on Bundesliga, Baseball and Oz Underground Rock

    Shoot Farken Q&A: German football writer Uli Hesse. I was writing a story about the transformation of German football and what Australia could learn from it when I first came across Uli Hesse. I picked up his extraordinary book, Tor! The Story of German Football, to do a little research and got in touch with him for an interview. Uli also writes ...

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    The Life and Passion of St Ange

    Look yonder oh believer and ye shall be struck by the might of the holy fist pump of St Ange. For his story is the story of us all, from callow youth to successful man, from pariah to messiah, the Socceroos Saviour readies himself to renew the Faith and take us on a journey to the Holy Land of Brazil 2014. Here ...

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    Creating the Baddest: The Science and Fiction of UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez

    Cain Velasquez might have walked out of the Toyota Center in Houston as the reigning king of UFC, but some fans are still questioning his credentials as the baddest motherfucker on the planet. Dan Steadman writes. Midway through Neal Stephenson’s pioneering 1992 cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, the lead character (with the totally unselfconscious name of Hiro Protagonist) inspires the following passage: “Until ...

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    Interior Monologue: When Frank Lowy Appointed Ange Postecoglou as Socceroos Coach

    A stream-of-consciousness mind dump from FFA chairman and shopping mall impresario Frank Lowy’s neurons in the moments leading up to, during, and just after he decided to appoint Ange Postecoglou as Socceroos coach. (This readout has been achieved using experimental mind meld technologies yet to be fully scientifically tested. Results may not accurately reflect the actual thoughts of the subject.) Beckenbauer, you ...

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    In the Shadow of the Marquee Moon: The Song that Defined Television’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Legacy

    Part of the mid-70s New York rock scene that spawned the likes of Blondie, The Ramones and Talking Heads, Television will be playing their critically acclaimed album Marquee Moon in Australia for the first time ever. Engel Schmidl writes. From memory, we were going from a gig in Fitzroy to a party in St Kilda. Or was it the other way around? ...

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    Logan’s Run: How a 70s Sci-Fi Movie Solved the Socceroos Ageing Crisis

    In case you didn’t realise, the life of a gilded Socceroo is eerily similar to the trailer of “Logan’s Run”. “Just imagine being a Socceroo, where you will hold your entire future in the palm of your hand. When a tiny glowing crystal will guide you through an existence in which each game is more wonderful than the last. Where it will ...

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    Green and Gold or Dead: Holger Osieck’s Socceroos Obituary

    An ode to Holger Osieck inspired by the novel Red or Dead by David Peace. Athas Zafiris writes. Holger looked at his diary. Holger looked at the Socceroos fixtures to come. Holger looked at the date, September 7. Holger looked at the place, Brasilia. Holger looked at the opponent, Brazil.  Holger had a date for a friendly match with Brazil in Brasilia ...

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    Kewell at 35: Man and Myth Collide in Mandurah

    While Harry Kewell’s time with the Melbourne Victory boiled down to little more than exhausting pre-signing antics and infrequent bouts of brilliance, his last hurrah with the Melbourne Heart may define his image Down Under. Luke Dodemaide writes. It is impossible to look at Harry Kewell, who stands at the centre of a pitch in the marine town of Mandurah, Western Australia, ...

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    Six Musical Steps from Justin Bieber to a Late 19th Century Minstrel Troupe

    Justin Bieber, a 21st century minstrel Here’s how, in six easy steps, you get from Justin Bieber to the Rabbit’s Foot Company, an African-American travelling minstrel troupe that got its start on the southern vaudeville circuit in the late 1890s. 1. Justin Bieber is the world’s biggest male pop star. 2. Justin Bieber has a touring band and in his band is ...

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    What Happens when Bulgaria’s King of the Clarinet Plays Space Jazz at a Gypsy Wedding

    Jacques Tati eat your heart out. This is a wonderfully absurd and compelling 30-minute video shot, by a true master of the wedding video craft, to VHS/Hi8 of a performance by the undisputed king of Balkan clarinet players, Ivo Papazov. The Bulgarian maestro rips through a 30-minute long jam with his band that sounds more like Gong or Hawkwind than it does ...

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